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At Cambridge Nanosystems, our mission is to help improve the performance of consumer and industrial products by supplying the largest volumes of ultra-high-quality graphene currently possible, and to support organisations in incorporating and testing graphene in their various applications.

Our CamGraph® Graphene Powder is an extremely good nanofiller suitable for electronic inks, polymer, metal composites and coatings.

Our unique production method enables us to not only manufacture these multi-functional, high-performance materials cost-effectively and at scale, but to also contribute to offsetting the impact of greenhouse gas emissions on our environment.

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Latest News

Our Chief Operations Officer presents our latest graphene infused polymers at IDTechEx Berlin 2017

On 11 May 2017, at the latest IDTechEx 2016 Show in Berlin, our Chief Operations Officer, Dr Anna Mieczakowski, presented our latest advances in graphene infused polymers. Anna was among 210 other IDTechEx speakers, who discussed market needs, case studies and technology breakthroughs in a host of areas, including graphene production and applications, Internet of Things […] Read more

May, 10, 2017


Supporting the ‘Save the Rhino’ charity in the London Marathon 2017

On 23 April 2017, Michael Schmid of FGV Cambridge Nanosystems joined 50,000+ courageous runners in the London Marathon 2017 in the hope of raising £3000 in sponsorship for the ‘Save the Rhino’ charity organisation, which provides funds for rhino conservation programmes in Africa and Asia. Michael run 26 miles 385 yards in a 12kg rhino costume shown in […] Read more

Apr, 25, 2017


We are part of the Lates’ “The Good Carbon” exhibition at the London Science Museum

The Science Museum and the Royal Society teamed up on 29 March 2017 to present incredible experiences of cutting edge science to the public. FGV Cambridge Nanosystems has been invited by the Royal Society to be part of this exhibition to showcase our environmentally-friendly graphene production and application development under the ‘The Good Carbon’ section of […] Read more

Mar, 31, 2017


Latest Blog Post

Instantly hot, super-thin, cutting-edge graphene heater

In late February and early March 2017, we exhibited our graphene technology at the Graphene Experience Zone of the Mobile World Congress. The Graphene Experience Zone featured five different innovation areas: IoT and Sensors; Wearables and Health; Energy; Datacoms; and Composites. Each of these areas contained specialised demonstrators and prototypes developed by leading industry and academic partners. […] Read more

Mar, 31, 2017


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