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At Cambridge Nanosystems, our mission is to help improve the performance of consumer and industrial products by supplying the largest volumes of ultra-high-quality graphene currently possible, and to support organisations in incorporating and testing graphene in their various applications.

Our CamGraph® Graphene Powder is an extremely good nanofiller suitable for electronic inks, polymer, metal composites and coatings.

Our unique production method enables us to not only manufacture these multi-functional, high-performance materials cost-effectively and at scale, but to also contribute to offsetting the impact of greenhouse gas emissions on our environment.

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“Wonder Materials: Graphene and Beyond” Exhibition Review

FGV Cambridge Nanosystems is very proud to be part of the newly opened “Wonder Materials: Graphene and Beyond” exhibition at the Manchester Museum of Science and Industry about the history, science and possibilities of a new 2D material graphene. Often described as a “wonder material”, graphene is around 200 times stronger than steel yet lightweight and flexible and more conductive […] Read more

Jul, 26, 2016


“Wonder Materials: Graphene and Beyond” Exhibition Opening

We are very pleased to announce that the “Wonder Materials: Graphene and Beyond” exhibition at the Manchester Museum of Science and Industry opens on Saturday 23 July 2016 and will stay open until 25 June 2017. We are part of this important exhibition about the history, science and possibilities of the new wonder material graphene, which has the […] Read more

Jul, 21, 2016


FGV Cambridge Nanosystems achieves ISO 14001 registration from British Assessment Bureau

FGV Cambridge Nanosystems has achieved the internationally recognised ISO 14001 certification in May 2016. This independent assessment was conducted by the leading Certification Body, the British Assessment Bureau, and demonstrates our commitment to customer service, quality in delivery and environmental performance of supply chain. ISO 14001 was first introduced 1996 as a British Standard and requires […] Read more

Jul, 12, 2016


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Graphene is helping make stronger, lighter and greener aircrafts

Boasting an array of extraordinary mechanical strength, electrical conductivity and thermal properties, the graphene composite is already paving the way for a much stronger aerospace industry. At FGV Cambridge Nanosystems, we have invested heavily in R&D facilities where our scientists are creating the next generation of graphene infused aerospace composites, electronics and conductive coatings. For example, graphene […] Read more

Jul, 01, 2016


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