press_release_factoryCambridge Nanosystems is a young company born out of Cambridge University that specialises in producing graphene and other advanced materials, as well as working with organisations to incorporate and test graphene in their various applications.

In early 2015, we opened a large scale graphene production plant in Cambridge UK, with the current production capacity at five tonnes per year. Our production capacity will continue to increase in subsequent years.

In September 2015 we have achieved the internationally recognised ISO 9001 certification and in May 2016 ISO 14001 certification.


Strategic Partnership

In late 2013 Cambridge Nanosystems began partnering with Malaysia’s Felda Global Ventures Holdings Berhad (FGV), a global agricultural and commodities business. FVG has abundant supplies of Methane as that is a by-product of their large-scale palm oil production. They aim to achieve synergy through this partnership with Cambridge Nanosystems as our technology will enable that waste material to be turned into valuable graphene.

FGV and Cambridge Nanosystems are currently planning to build another plant in Malaysia to supply the Asian market.