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Graphene is a true wonder material and delivers high potential to generate a broad range of innovative technologies. With many ground-breaking experiments to be carried out for industrial applications, it is essential to possess large-scale, high-throughput processing methods such as aqueous dispersions of graphene.

Stabilised graphene dispersions within aqueous environments are very useful as they facilitate both fundamental characterisation and materials processing. For example, they have been widely used in thin-film electronic devices, graphene based polymer composites, biomedical research, low permeability materials and energy storage etc.

Many years of experience in developing ultra-high quality and stable formula.

FVG Cambridge Nanosystems' CamGraph® Graphene Powders are dispersed in deionised distilled water/isopropanol using small amounts of surfactant, in order to obtain a high level of dispersion stability by eliminating graphene re-agglomeration/precipitation due to the difference in the surface energy between water/isopropanol and graphene. FGV Cambridge Nanosystems uses an optimised dispersion method based on ultrasonication process, ensuring well-stabilised and high-performance graphene nanoplatelets dispersed in water/isopropanol.

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We offer our graphene dispersion in two forms: water dispersion or isopropanol dispersion, at three concentrations: 0.1 mg/mL, 1mg/mL, and 5mg/mL.

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