Energy efficient and creative heating

Energy efficient and creative heating
Simply life. But better
Application Description
Graphene is a flexible material and highly thermally and electrically conductive. Graphene composites are ideally suited to create flexible heaters with superior thermal efficiency compared to standard electric heaters. Our graphene heaters are much closer to standard paints rather than bulky radiators, and can be sprayed onto any surface in any shape and design.  
Fact Sheet
  • Efficient layer thickness < 20μm
  • Good adhesion to metals, glass, plastic and textiles
  • 12 V heater example:
    • Max temp = 135 °C
    • Max heating rate = 5.5 °C/sec

    Our graphene applications include:  
  • Thermally conductive / heat sink
  • Electrically conductive / EMI shielding
  • Functional / heater
  • Improved energy storage & battery cycles
  • Mechanical improvement
  • Green process
  • Unique, simple and scalable to large volumes process

Our graphene applications include