The flexibility to print anything

The flexibility to print anything
Simply life. But better
Application Description
We design and develop new generation of circuit boards which are lightweight, flexible and compact. Electrically conductive graphene inks can be used to coat sensitive electronics, leading to weight reduction in EMI shielding coatings. Being multi-functional, graphene also inhibits moisture and gas permeation and will impede corrosion of metal parts.
Fact Sheet
  • Conductive coatings
  • Sheet resistance down to 10 Ω/
  • > 99.9% carbon purity
  • Catalyst free
  • EMI shielding capability:
    • 20 dB for 15 µm layer
    • Corrosion resistant coatings

    Our graphene applications include:  
  • Thermally conductive / heat sink
  • Electrically conductive / EMI shielding
  • Functional / heater
  • Improved energy storage & battery cycles
  • Mechanical improvement
  • Green process
  • Unique, simple and scalable to large volumes process

Our graphene applications include