Graphene in electronics was the most popular application in 2015

The year 2015 was doubtless a very busy year for us all here at FGV Cambridge Nanosystems, as well as other graphene research and development organisations.

According to a recent application popularity ranking carried out by the Graphene-Info portal, last year’s top application focus was in Electronics, with a considerable amount of interest and developments in this field. This was closely followed by Sensors and Batteries.

The full ranking of the top 10 graphene applications include:

1. Electronics
2. Sensors
3. Batteries
4. Medicine
5. Composites
6. Supercapacitors
7. Coating
8. 3D printing
9. Solar
10. Displays

Here is to the year 2016, which is likely to conceive many more game-changing graphene applications.

Jan, 20, 2016