Cambridge Nanosystems is set to become the leading supplier of ultra-high quality graphene on a commercial scale and at a competitive price, with the opening of a new production facility in Cambridge UK. Our current production capacity of ultra-high quality graphene is at five tonnes per year and will continue to increase in subsequent years.

Up until now, nobody has been able to produce enough ultra-high-quality graphene that is defect and impurity-free at such a large scale. This is the type needed for this revolutionary new material to successfully transform the design and manufacturing of a wide range of products – and our process makes it a reality.

The recent opening of our large-scale factory also represents an important investment in UK science, and will see Cambridge lead the way in the commercial production of ultra-high quality graphene and other nanomaterials. It will create a number of highly skilled jobs for the region, and help cement Cambridge’s reputation as a national and global centre of excellence.


We make it simple

Beyond our unique graphene, we have also developed a portfolio of IP on manufacturing processes that makes the adoption of this new material simple for our partner.