• Cambridge Nanosystems is set to become the leading supplier of ultra-high quality graphene on a commercial scale and at a competitive price, with the opening of a new production facility in Cambridge.
  • Graphene conducts electricity and heat better than most other metals, whilst being strong, flexible and extremely lightweight. Thus it has the potential to revolutionise industries from automotive to aerospace, power supply to construction, as well as the design of everyday electronics.
  • The new factory represents an important investment in UK science, and will see Cambridge lead the way in the commercial production of ultra-high quality graphene and other nanomaterials.
  • It will create a number of highly skilled jobs for the region, and help cement Cambridge’s reputation as a national and global centre of excellence.
  • Current production capacity of ultra-high quality graphene is at five tonnes per year and will continue to increase in subsequent years.

Cambridge Nanosystems, a young company born out of the University of Cambridge, has officially opened a new factory that will produce ultra-high quality graphene on a commercial scale for the very first time.

The company has developed an innovative new production method that turns waste greenhouse gases into pure graphene, in one, very efficient, step. Using a ball of plasma, held in a steady state, they are able to ‘crack’ gases such as methane and carbon dioxide and produce, in a single process, very high quality graphene – with the purity levels needed to truly transform industries.

The major challenge since graphene was first isolated over a decade ago was in scaling up production to an industrial level.

Cambridge Nanosystems has met that challenge by opening a new factory in East Cambridge that houses their full-scale production unit capable of producing large quantities of this very valuable material. The company will soon also launch their online store for graphene sales.

As well as producing materials for end users to purchase on an ‘off the shelf basis’, Cambridge Nanosystems are already collaborating with world-leading companies to develop their graphene materials into advanced designs that will transform the performance of many consumer and industrial products across automotive, aerospace, power supply, construction and other industries.

The team’s background as world-class material scientists from the University of Cambridge (Department of Materials Science and Metallurgy) means that they are well-placed to work with businesses to integrate their innovative material into existing product ranges and future applications.

Dr Krzysztof Koziol, the CEO and one of the co-founders of Cambridge Nanosystems said: “We are hugely excited to open our new large-scale production facility in Cambridge that builds up on over a decade of our research in material science at the University of Cambridge. We decided to stay in Cambridge and build this new factory because of its unique start-up community. We received excellent support from conventional sources such as the entrepreneurial community, government start-up grants, as well as the local council, who helped us to locate a suitable site for our new cutting edge manufacturing facility. We look forward to building Cambridge Nanosystems into the world’s leading supplier of ultra-high quality graphene, whilst bringing high-skilled jobs to the local area.

The new factory has enabled Cambridge Nanosystems to increase its graphene production capacity to five tonnes per year and to continue to scale it up in subsequent years. This will make Cambridge Nanosystems the world leaders in the production of ultra-high-quality graphene on a commercial scale. For more information see: www.cambridgenanosystems.com