Our Chief Operating Officer, Dr Anna Mieczakowski, is invited to present on our company’s “Cost-Effective, Green, One-Step Process For Producing Ultra-High-Quality Graphene” at this year’s IDTechEx Graphene & 2D Materials Europe tradeshow.

In anticipation of this tradeshow, Dr Mieczakowski said: “I am very excited about representing our company at the IDTechEx event in Berlin for the second year. It’s a great event that brings together the leading thinkers, innovators, investors and businesses in the field of graphene. I look forward to contributing to the debate on how we can collectively overcome the biggest barriers to a widespread adoption of graphene applications. I especially look ahead to learning about the very latest discoveries from cross-sector graphene innovations and applications. For example there is a lot of influential work carried out on biomedical and healthcare applications, water filtration, electronics and energy. While I greatly support the work on those applications that are trying to make a major leap for the mankind, such as desalination of water in the 28% of world’s lands where drinking water is scarce, I also applaud the work on applications that aim to provide even the smallest of improvements across home, work and communal life”.