A major showcase of more than 40 companies developing new technologies from graphene and other two-dimensional materials took place on the 5th and 6th November 2015 at the Cambridge Graphene Centre.

Some of the examples of the products and prototypes on display included flexible displays, printed electronics, and graphene-based heaters, all of which have potential for consumer applications. Other examples included concrete and road surfacing incorporating graphene, which would mean lighter and stronger infrastructure, and roads that have to be resurfaced far less often, greatly lowering the costs to local governments.

Our CEO, Dr Krzysztof Koziol, presented some of the applications that we develop at FGV Cambridge Nanosystems using our ultra-high-quality graphene powders and carbon nanotubes. These applications include hybrid electrical wires made from copper and graphene in order to improve the amount of electric current they can carry, functional graphene heaters, anti-corrosion coatings, and graphene inks which can be used to draw printed circuit boards directly onto paper and other surfaces.

Here is a promotional video with major event contributors discussing graphene and its various applications.

Image credit: Francis Sedgemore, Cambridge Graphene Centre