About Graphene

About Graphene

What is graphene?

Graphene is a one atom thick layer of carbon. These flat sheets weigh 0.001% compared to paper of the same size and have extraordinary properties. They conduct electricity and heat better than most metals whilst being strong and flexible at the same time. Graphene is compatible with existing materials, from plastics to ceramics and metals. Hybrids display the best of both and are therefore able to revolutionise industries from automotive to aerospace, power supply to construction and healthcare to the design of everyday electronics. Application areas are literally limitless.

Graphene will reshape the manufacturing processes and the performance of thousands of consumer goods. Everyday objects will be more connected, interactive and resilient as a result of this revolutionary material. Highly controlled material is the cornerstone of any real graphene breakthrough.


How is it used?

Its advanced properties can be harnessed for a wide range of manufacturing applications. From improving the battery life and processing power of consumer electronics to making aircraft components tougher and stronger, the possibilities are endless.


What makes our graphene unique?

We have developed a ground-breaking new method of producing ultra-high-quality, impurity-free graphene in high volumes for the very first time. The innovative production method will enable the commercial scale production of these multi-functional, high-performance materials.

Up until now, nobody has been able to produce enough ultra-high-quality graphene that is defect and impurity-free. This is the type needed for this revolutionary new material to successfully transform the design and manufacturing of a wide range of products – and our process makes it a reality.