We are hiring a Plasma Engineer to join our growing team

Cambridge Nanosystems are currently looking for a Plasma Engineer to join us on a full-time basis in our new office in Cambridge. A successful candidate will report to our Chief Scientist.

To contact us about this role – please send an email with your CV and a cover letter to Catharina Paukner at cp@cnanos.com.

We are offering a role aimed at synthesis of few layer graphene flakes focusing on optimisation of synthesis conditions and cost efficiency. This will involve utilisation and development of our plasma reactor with focus on improving and optimising collection mechanisms. Engineering skills will be very relevant in this position.

You will be part of the team that develops graphene flakes production and post-production treatments in line with application needs. You will have input in identifying areas of improving the reactor efficiency and the product quality and be involved in the scale up of the process. Development of standard operating procedures protocols for reactors and equipment, as well as efficient and concise reporting will be expected of the successful candidate. This role will also assist in the analysis of the product in conjunction with product development projects.

Salary is negotiable based on experience.

Please submit your application by Monday 31 August 2015.

See the job specification for the Plasma Engineer

Jul, 01, 2015