“Wonder Materials: Graphene and Beyond” Exhibition Review

For a detailed commentary of the exhibition and our part in it, see our Twitter page at @camnanos.

Furthermore, the ‘clean room’ part of the exhibition highlighting the current work by a series of lightboxes displaying images of places where graphene is already having an impact in the world, including a water desalination plant in Abu Dhabi and a mine in Sri Lanka, as well as video footage of leading graphene researchers and industrialists discussing the pathway to mass commercialisation.

The “Wonder Materials: Graphene and Beyond” will be accompanied by a year-round programme for adults, families and schools, including hands-on science events, evening science socials, “in conversation” style events and creative workshops. The exhibition will tour nationally and internationally, including going to the Science Museum, London, in 2018.

Watch a video from the exhibition here.

“Wonder Materials: Graphene and Beyond” opens at the Museum of Science and Industry on July 23 2016 until June 25 2017. Entry is free. For details, see msimanchester.org.uk.

By Anna Mieczakowski

Jul, 26, 2016