Lightweight, thin, and flexible.
Created with ultra-high quality graphene, CamGraph® Flexible Graphene Heating Module is the lightest heating system in the world. At just a few microns thick, the heaters are in fact graphene based paints and can be applied on flexible materials.

Instant heat up.
Graphene has very high electrical and thermal conductivity, which is key to allow extremely fast heat up. Made with ultra-high quality graphene, CamGraph® Flexible Graphene Heating Modules reach 80 °C in only 12* seconds.

*Tested at 27°C room temperature

Durable and reliable.
Using the entire graphene-coated surface as a heating element, CamGraph® Flexible Graphene Heating Modules carry on working even with a puncture. Now you never have to replace a whole system after localised damage. Fewer customer complaints, more customer satisfaction.

Uniform heating.
Replace printed metal wires that only heat locally around the tracks, CamGraph® Flexible Graphene Heating Modules achieve uniform heat distribution as the entire surface is a heating element. With our brand-new technology, now you can provide your customers with an ultimate comfort experience.

Spray-on, limitless shapes.
CamGraph® Flexible Graphene Heating Modules are made by applying a graphene-based paint with good adhesion to metals, glass, plastic and textiles, which can be sprayed onto any shapes of substrates. This innovative manufacturing method means endless heater geometries can be made and unlocks limitless creativity.

You can order the 12V graphene demo heater via email at: or our contact form.

Fact sheet: 12V Graphene Heating Modules
Power density2500 W/m2
Max temp150 °C (depend on application)
The heating rate graph can be seen in the above section “Instant heat up“.