CamGraph® G2

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CamGraph® G2 consists of multilayer flakes, ranging between 1 and 4.4 nm [or 3 and 13 layers] in thickness. The material is treated to remove any non-graphitic carbon, resulting in high conductivity performance whilst remaining commercially competitive.



CamGraph® G2  is obtained in our proprietary plasma reactors by cracking the greenhouse gas methane using advanced microwave plasma chemistry. This process ensures that our CamGraph® G2 has no additive, catalyst or metal impurities.

CamGraph® G2 consists of multilayer flakes, ranging between 3 and 13 layers [1 to 4.4 nm] in thickness. The material is treated to remove any non-sp2 carbon forms, resulting in very high performance and making it commercially very interesting.

CamGraph® G2 nanoplatelets are slightly crumpled, like all our material grades, achieving performance, dispersability and avoidance of stacking. Thus, the material is an extremely good nanofiller suitable for polymer composites [both thermosets and thermoplastics], coatings and water and solvent based inks. In these matrices the material has demonstrated improvement in electrical and thermal conductivity performance as well as an increase in modulus and tensile strength. The flake size distribution is particularly beneficial where high resolution composites [in printing 2D or 3D] are to be achieved.


CamGraph® Graphene Powder G2 Properties:

Thickness: 2.7 ± 1.7 nm
Lateral size: 400 ± 150 nm
Carbon Purity: > 99%
Catalyst Impurities: No catalyst

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