CamGraph® G3

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CamGraph® G3 is an industrial grade material, consisting of multi-layer flakes of graphene. This grade of graphene can be used in a wide range of applications including polymer composites, low permeability materials and energy storage.

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CamGraph® G3  is obtained in our proprietary plasma reactors by cracking greenhouse gases, such as methane and carbon dioxide, using advanced microwave plasma chemistry. This process ensures that our CamGraph® G3 has no additive, catalyst or metal impurities.

CamGraph® G3 consists of multilayer flakes, ranging between 3 and 15 layers in thickness. The production process parameters allow us to supply this high-performance grade material to our industrial partners on a commercial scale and in a cost-effective way.

CamGraph® G3 nanoplatelets are slightly crumpled, ensuring performance and avoiding stacking at the same time. Thus, our graphene is an extremely good nanofillersuitable for polymer composites [both thermosets and thermoplastics], coatings and metal composites. In these matrices the material has demonstrated improvement in mechanical [tensile, torsion and abrasion], as well as electrical conductivity performance.

CamGraph® Graphene Powder G3 Properties:

Thickness: 3.0 ± 2.0 nm
Lateral size: 400 ± 150 nm
Carbon Purity: > 99%
Catalyst Impurities: No catalyst

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